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Am I a Citizen of the World?

World Citizen

Lately, a lot of people have been asking me what language I dream in.

Another question is whether I feel Romanian or Italian.

Or why do I often say “Oh, my God!” whenever I feel surprised?

Or if I only cook Italian dishes?

It is not easy to look for self-definitions in a globalised world.

There is a term people suggest I should use, and I must admit that is flattering as hell: citizen of the world. But I think this expression is not particulary modest and it creates a division between immigrants and natives. The truth is, in my emotional passport, my definition of citizen of the world seems different to what it appears to be from the outside.

I dream in various languages, but every now and then I cannot remember terms in my own mother tongue. I am Romanian by birth, but I certainly consider myself integrated into the Italian social and cultural structure. I have no idea why I often wake up saying English words while I speak another languages. It must be the Hollywood movies. And my love for the Italian cuisine is a love story for the ages.

Would I move from Italy to another country?

I am keeping my options wide open, but I am miles away from considering myself a world citizen.