Humble Thoughts

Being on both sides of the coin

There’s a girl, somewhere, who is finally getting a job opportunity that might lead her a step closer to a big dream: to own her own school. She is happy, thrilled, full of gratitude and excitement. 

There’s a girl, somewhere, who fights the sense of guilt of leaving a job that she finds all-righty. Consequently, she is disappointing the people who gave her trust. She feels blue and mortified.

Today I got to be both girls. 

I have always been-or at least tried to be-responsible, ethical and trustworthy. I realised that sometimes, in some people’s stories, we are the bad ones. There’s no other choice. 

Sometimes there’s no head or tails, it is just a flipped coin that goes on and on in the air. But even when we are in between these choices, we can keep an open heart to self-forgiveness. And what’s most important, we can settle a intention of facing everything with serenity. The world is made for us to serve. To the higher goal of serving shall we be brought. 

Life is a scale of greys. What a damned and beautiful thing! 

Thank you Алексей Торбеев for this amazing photograph that faithfully describes my day.