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Why an online public library?

Poppy's shelf

Books have never experienced such a difficult time as nowadays. Words have never been so underrated as in the present day, when it seems that all we want to do is to cut them in half, making communication shorter.  Although we gain time, in the long run we impoverish one of the most fascinating and complex mechanisms that makes us humans: socialising. 

The price we pay for not reading anymore is that we close the door to the most important teaching resource, other people’s life experience. 

Taking into account my personal experience, reading has lifted me from a limited possibility of growing to an infinite source of openness. 

It has comforted me. 

It has faded out the fear of expressing myself in different languages. 

It has made me dream big and accept life in every form, pleasant or unbearable. 

Reading is the ultimate small gesture of reaching freedom. 

This is my small contribution to a (perhaps) old fashioned way of understanding life (but not an outdated one), a collection of recommended books categorised by the occasions in which they might help. I treat my readings as small medicines, ready to offer a most humble cure – a different point of view. Sometimes that is all we need in order to go on smoothly. 

May your Saturdays be full of joy and infinite positive words!

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